More and more hospitals are realizing that love is a powerful medicine. That’s why they’ve decided to let patients’ dogs come visit, as well as other therapy dogs for patients who don’t have dogs but would like to enjoy their company.

Mood is fundamental when recovering from illness, especially a serious one that requires a hospital stay. That’s why these dogs play such an important role, bringing joy to their owners and sharing those difficult moments.

Can you imagine spending a week, a month or several months in the hospital? It can be depressing, so it would be much better to be able to enjoy your dog’s company, playing with him and sharing mutual affection.

It’s been scientifically proven through statistics in patients with and without dogs with similar ailments, that the happiest patients recover much more easily. In other words, patients who were cheered up each day by their dogs were better able to overcome their illness.

son and dog

This is especially true with children, who are most affected by these situations. They’re too young to comprehend that they have to be there… so the company of their favorite four-legged friend helps lift their mood and make them much happier.

dog sleeping with pacient

Anyone who doesn’t have a dog but would like to enjoy their company can request the medical department to assign them a therapy dog. These dogs are fully trained with lots and lots of love to share with patients.

We hope that this initiative continues to grow and be adopted in a large number of hospitals all over the world, so that in the not-so-distant future we can all enjoy their company when we’re sick.