Meet Titus, the Rarest and Most Expensive Pitbull in the World

He might be the strangest dog in the word, something that makes you wonder whether it’s a real dog or a montage made in Photoshop. But as unbelievable as he looks, he is a real dog and his name is Titus.

He is the only individual in the world of a type of Pitbull called the Albanian Pitbull, with an incredible coat of fur very similar to that of a leopard or cheetah. His characteristic black spots on his light brown skin make this dog the most tiger-like in the entire world. Many would even have their doubts if they saw him from afar…


Being that he is unique in the world, his owner has not revealed the incredible million dollar offers he has received for the dog. He isn’t a dog-tiger hybrid, or a result of genetic manipulation – just a curiosity of Mother Nature.

But Titus isn’t the only dog who looks like a tiger, although he does bear the most resemblance. These other dogs also have markings that make them look like some other animal:

doggy rare 04

doggy rare 05

doggy rare 06

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