1. Their aggressiveness with other dogs is indisputable, and will cause you lots of problems


2. They are extremely dangerous with small children, they can swallow them whole


3. They don’t respect other animals, they will just attack and devour them


4. A Pit bull never plays and never wants to be pet, they just want to fight and fight


5. The puppies are bloodthirsty, they never sleep and break everything: they are truly fearsome


6. They’re probably better looking than you and that could be a problem when you’re trying to find a date


7. They’ll steal the show every Halloween


8. Their beastly face, predator look and aggression will scare your friends and family


9. They are incapable of love, they don’t have feelings


10. They are cruel and senseless, they will eat their own young


11. They make terrible pets, you’ll never be able to let him in the house without a cage


As you can see, although Pit bulls are often found on blacklists of potentially dangerous dog breeds, the fact of the matter is that it’s not the dogs that are dangerous – it’s the owners.

Any dog with good training, or professional training if necessary, can be a fantastic pet and companion.

Any dog, whether they are a dangerous breed or not, that is poorly trained or not taken care of can be extremely dangerous for any person or animal. They don’t necessarily have to be a “potentially dangerous dog”; all you need for a bad dog is to have a bad owner.

So… who’s really the dangerous one here, the dogs or the owners? If you enjoyed this post, please share it on social media so everyone can learn the truth about Pit bulls.