We all know that our beloved dogs love to eat, from their dog food to any random thing they find in the street. They’ll never pass up an opportunity to beg for something at home, no matter what we’re eating or cooking… but what about fruit? Can dogs eat fruit?

Of course dogs can eat fruit, but it’s important to know which, since not all fruits are good for them. It’s also important to know how much to give them. Whatever fruit you give them, you should avoid having them eat the seeds that are in some fruits (seeds are harmful for them).

dog eating watermelon

Aside from that, keep in mind that even though fruit is healthy, too much can be bad for dogs and make them very ill. They need much less food than we humans need, so if you decide to give them a little fruit, you have to make sure it’s a very small amount.

Let’s see which fruits a healthy dog can eat without any health problems:

doggy eating apple

Healthy fruits for dogs: Apples

Not only is it a very healthy and delicious fruit, it also provides fiber and vitamins to your dog. Avoid giving them the middle part of the apple (core), since it contains seeds that are toxic for them.


Healthy fruits for dogs: Pears

Another delicious fruit that your furry friend will love, a source of fiber and vitamins that will sit with them wonderfully. Avoid giving them the middle part of the pear (core), since it contains seeds that are toxic for them.

Dog eating banana

Healthy fruits for dogs: Bananas

It’s pretty funny to watch a dog eat a banana, but they love it. Bananas provide lots of potassium and carbohydrates, which are great for dogs. Be careful not to give too much, since prolonged consumption of bananas can give them constipation.

dog eating melon

Healthy fruits for dogs: Melon and Watermelon

Another delicious fruit that they love, great source of vitamins and folic acid, perfect for keeping your dog well-nourished. Avoid giving them the seeds, since they are harmful for them.

peach for dogs

Healthy fruits for dogs: Peaches and Apricots

Dogs love them, plus they’re a great source of vitamins and amino acids perfect for supplementing your dog’s diet. Remove the pit/seed inside before giving it to them, since it’s toxic for them and they can also choke on it.

strawberries benefits in dogs

Healthy fruits for dogs: Strawberries

Ripe strawberries are a tasty treat for our furry friends, just don’t overdo it. They contain lots of vitamins, fiber and folic acid.

benefits of oranges

Healthy fruits for dogs: Oranges

Another tasty fruit that’s perfect for our pets. It contains high levels of vitamin C and fiber, not to mention many other vitamins and amino acids. Give them sweet oranges, as bitter oranges might not be as beneficial for them.

mango fruit

Healthy fruits for dogs: Papaya and Mangos

When they’re perfectly ripe, dogs love them. They’re very sweet and a source of vitamins and fiber. A delight for your dog (make sure to give it to them without the pit/seeds).

silver red fruits for dogs

Healthy fruits for dogs: Blueberries and Blackberries

Excellent and full of vitamins and antioxidants, but only give them to your dog every once in a while since too much over a period of time may not be beneficial.

Remember that there are also fruits that they should NEVER eat, because they are very toxic for them, like grapes for example. We invite you to consult this list of highly toxic foods for your dog: Toxic and forbidden foods for dogs.