Based on the opinion of numerous canine ethologists, who study behavior in dogs, we can say that a dog’s sleeping positions can reveal interesting information about how he is feeling and his personality.

If you want to know more about your dog’s personality and what he is feeling in that exact moment when he lies down for a nap, all you have to do is identify his sleeping position and compare it with the ones explained below.

From Scooby’s Blog, we’ll show you all the information about the different sleeping positions of dogs. And while we don’t completely share the opinion of these ethologists, it was definitely fun and gratifying to put this post together so you can have a good time learning more about your dog.


What does it mean when a dog sleeps curled up?

This is one of the most common dog sleeping positions. It gives you a few clues about how your dog is feeling. For example, because they curl up in a ball, this position helps them maintain body heat.

Some dogs will even tuck their nose into their belly or under their hind legs, in order to build up even more warmth. If your dog is sleeping in this position, the first thing you need to realize is that the surrounded temperature is right on the limit for him, or maybe even too cold.

On the other hand, dogs who sleep in a ball like this have a sweet and docile personality, according to experts. However, we respectfully disagree, and would say that dogs simply adopt this “fox” position when sleeping because they are cold.

sane dog

What does it mean when a dog sleeps on his side?

This is definitely another of the most common sleeping positions for dogs, and it is arguably the best one since it indicates that the dog is sleeping peacefully and happily.

Dogs who sleep on their side are trusting and know that they are safe in their home. They trust their family (you), and as a result they are totally carefree while they sleep. Actually, it is one of the best positions for resting because it is relaxing and very comfortable.

Some experts say that the personality of a dog who sleeps on his side is calm and quiet. However, we would argue that it has nothing to do with their personality. This position simply means that the dog is feeling very trusting, relaxed, and protected.

dog under sun

Meaning of dog’s sleeping position: on his back

Sometimes, we can’t argue with the experts’ opinions on canine behavior because we are in complete agreement. Dogs who sleep on their back with their belly up or legs in the air are, quite simply, loving life.

When they adopt this position to sleep, it’s because they feel fantastic, super comfortable and relaxed, getting maximum enjoyment out of a nap that, while not necessarily deep, is very gratifying. Usually, it involves dreaming. Did you know that dogs dream, too?

You can even hear your dog grunt in happiness as he takes this position, legs in the air, because it’s like the pinnacle of sleep. If your dog is sleeping in this position, don’t disturb him—just let him enjoy.

What does it mean when a dog sleeps stretched out?

What, you’ve never seen a dog imitating Superman before? Then you must have never seen a dog sleeping with his front and back legs stretched all the way out, with his belly on the ground.

Dogs who sleep stretched out like this are usually young dogs or puppies. They have a tremendous excess of energy, but when it runs out, they just collapse and end up sleeping in whatever position they land in.

On the other hand, dogs will also sleep in this position when they’re hot, because having their abdomen against the ground cools them off, naturally lowering their body temperature. If your dog is sleeping like this, he’s probably too hot.

Meaning of dog’s sleeping position: back legs tucked

Another common position dogs will sleep in is the one you see in the photo, where the dog will tuck his hind legs under and lie down over his front legs, which are usually stretched out.

This position indicates that your dog is perfectly happy with the temperature: not too hot, not too cold. It reflects relaxation and comfort; they normally use this position when they sleep deeply.

According to experts, this position can mean that your dog has a somewhat nervous or skittish personality. While we don’t agree, it could have something to do with it.

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